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“Just as I could have expected, this ebook is filled with wise words, inspiration, and practical advice for how to “make your blog benefit your life so you can love both. If you are struggling with balancing blogging and life, I’d heartily recommend this ebook. It’s well-written, it’s thought-provoking, and it’s packed with meaty suggestions…It costs less than a mocha at the coffeeshop–and it just might change your whole perspective on blogging.”

– Crystal Paine, Money Saving Mom

“Trust me, if you blog, this is some of the best $4.99 you’re going to spend.”

– Sarah Mae, Like a Warm Cup of Coffee

“In a time when it seems like there’s a new ebook around every bloggy corner it can be easy to become overwhelmed and wonder which ones we can really use. Blogger Behave is one you don’t want to miss! Laura invites us to love our blogs and our families well. She uses fun metaphors that make the book easy to understand while tying practical advice, life experience and wisdom all back to Him.

Not only do I love Laura as a person but I love to learn from her. As someone who is just a few steps ahead of me in life, I appreciate her stories and the perspective she’s gained from experience. The same is true for her blogging journey. Being a veteran blogger she has already experienced the struggles many of us “younger” bloggers are going through. If you’re anything like me you’ll get out your journal to write down a wise thought from Laura only to find that by the end you have 3 pages full of meaningful quotes!

My favorite piece? “When we invite our families into our blogs, we end up loving both better.” That’s an idea I can put into action!”

– Brittany, The MamaZine

“Laura’s book is timely and relevant. As the world of blogging has exploded, many bloggers feel their own world tipping out of balance into disaster. I was there – struggling daily to balance my time and still pursue my many passions, including blogging. But, truth be told, I was near quitting.

Blogger Behave was like a breath of fresh air – and a good spank on the bottom. Laura helped me get the right perspective on where my blog fits into my line of priorities, and then gave practical suggestions and direction for how to love my blog again.”

– Trina, All That Is Good

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